Roman Reigns Appears Alongside The Minions & Dolly Parton In Bizarre Olympics Ad

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman Crown Jewel entrance

Roman Reigns has taken time away from his family problems to appear in NCC Sports promotional video for next year’s Summer Olympic Games.

The Universal Champion is currently embroiled in a deep-rooted family feud involving his cousins the Usos and Solo Sikoa. Once a unified foursome that dominated WWE, the Bloodline has recently split in two after Reigns criticised Jimmy and Jey for losing their tag team titles.

At Night of Champions, Reigns teamed with Sikoa to face the current tag team champions Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in a bid to get the title back. However, the faction imploded when Jimmy attacked Reigns after a dispute in the ring.

The following episode of SmackDown on June 2nd saw the Tribal Chief celebrate his 1000-day World Championship run, but the party led to an emotionally charged final segment featuring further drama around the family. After receiving a brand new title from Triple H, Reigns and Jimmy got into another heated argument. Jimmy didn’t back down and called for his brothers to unite against Reigns and it appeared that Sikoa had joined them against the Head of the Table. However, the Enforcer dropped Jimmy with the Samoan Spike and left with Reigns as the show went off the air.

Roman Reigns Appears In The First Promo Video For The Summer Olympic Games

On July 26th 2024 the Olympic Games will commence in Paris, France and according to the promotional video the WWE Universal Champion will be in attendance.

NBC Sports released the first promo for the games featuring county music megastar Dolly Parton, the Minions and the Tribal Chief alongside Paul Heyman making plans for the historic sporting event. In the video, Heyman states that Reigns will defend his title against anyone at any time before the champion interrupts saying “Except July.”