Roman Reigns And Solo Sikoa Defeated, The Bloodline Implodes

Roman Reigns and The Bloodline entrance on WWE SmackDown

In one of the more remarkable finishes to a Premium Live Event in recent memory, Roman Reigns’ stranglehold over The Usos has been broken.

Tension between The Usos, Reigns, Solo Siko, and Paul Heyman has been rising for weeks, but at Night of Champions that frustration came to a head in spectacular fashion.

Reigns and Sikoa went into battle against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens seeking to bring the Undisputed Tag Team Titles back to The Bloodline, and for vast sections of the match, it looked as though they would do just that.

Zayn and Owens were roared on by a fanatical crowd, which only got further behind them after Zayn conducted their introductions in Arobic. However, their backs were against the wall for much of the contest. Although they both refused to quit and simply kept fighting.

The match flipped on its head when the referee was taken out by a devastating Spear from Reigns, and briefly, Zayn and Owens took control. But it wasn’t meant to last. The Usos ran in and attacked the pair, but there were more twists to come. After leaving KO laying, the brothers attempted a double Superkick on Zayn but he ducked and they flattened Sikoa. This drew the ire of Reigns who confronted the pair, shoving them both.

Roman Roman Reigns Betrayed

Just as it appeared that he would regain control, Jimmy delivered the Superkick heard around the world to flatten the Tribal Chief. With Reigns down, Jimmy screamed that he’d done what Jey should have done months ago. Although Jey was conflicted and seemingly didn’t know which way to turn. To hammer his new independence home, Jimmy delivered another stunning Superkick to Reigns to take him out of action.

Back in the ring, KO hit a Stunner on Siko and Zayn followed up with a Helluva Kick to score a breathtaking win.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are still the Undisputed Tag Team Champions. Roman Reigns is still the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. But crucially and incredibly, The Bloodline has fallen.