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Rocky Romero Reveals What Wrestlers Need To Do To Succeed In NJPW

Rocky Romero NJPW Featued

New Japan Pro Wrestling and CHAOS star Rocky Romero has discussed skills wrestlers need to achieve success in NJPW.

Romero is an eight-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion, with half of those reigns coming as one-half of Roppongi Vice alongside current AEW star Trent Beretta. The duo reprised their team in AEW recently, battling with old rivals The Young Bucks.

Now speaking exclusively to Inside The Ropes’Liam Alexander-Stewart, Rocky Romero has revealed what he thinks stars need to do to achieve success in NJPW and it all comes down to basics:

“Good basics, good strong basics. The New Japan way is as complex as Omega and Okada matches or Tanahashi and Okada matches and story. It all comes down to like very simplistic basics that I feel like are super important and sometimes met, you know – when you’re young you’re so attracted to the flashiness that you don’t put the emphasis on the important parts of like the basics and all the flashiness is there and it matters.”

“It’s great to have those things but those are just tools, right? But if your tools aren’t sharp then what’s the point; you’re just working on something with dull tools. So I feel like if you want to be sharp, you want to be good at what you do in the long run. And especially look for me, look at me like you said, I had a two decades career and I’ve been 20 plus years but I feel great.”

“I don’t have any serious injuries or anything like that and that’s because you gotta be smart about picking and choosing your spots as well, when you’re gonna go insane and jump from a second storey onto the floor or whatever, or who you’re doing it with – it’s like all that stuff that’s awesome because it goes viral and it’s so cool, you can literally make your name in like two seconds.”

Rocky Romero will team with CHAOS stablemate Wheeler Yuta at the upcoming New Japan Strong Style Evolved 2022 on the 20th of March, live from the St. Petersburg Coliseum in Tampa, Florida.

Tickets for Strong Style Evolved 2022 are still available here.

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