Rocky Romero Refutes Reports On Regular Tony Khan Contact

As speculation continues to run rife around potential working relationships across the pro wrestling landscape, New Japan’s Rocky Romero has moved to clarify his stance in relation to AEW’s Tony Khan.

It was reported in the Wrestling Observer, by respected journalist Dave Meltzer, that Romero had been speaking frequently with Khan since Harold Meij’s departure as New Japan CEO:

Khan has been speaking to Rocky Romero regularly of late to try and open doors to New Japan, feeling the odds are better to do something with Harold Meij gone.

Romero, a stalwart of New Japan, is thought to have played a key role in the development of New Japan USA, with several talents noting his involvement in their recruitment.

Speaking on the Talk’N’Shop podcast, Rocky noted that although he had spoken with Khan in the past, it would be misleading to suggest that he had been in regular contact (transcription provided by Fightful):

I guess Meltzer reported that me and Tony Khan are having calls all the time, like every week, which is not true. I’m not talking to Tony weekly. I’ve talked to Tony in the past, of course. No, [I haven’t talked to Tony since AEW/IMPACT relationship]. I talked to Tony maybe a month ago. Maybe more. It’s misleading in the fact that ‘Rocky and Tony are having weekly phone calls,’ which is not true, and who gives a fuck if I talk to Tony? What if he’s my friend? No one knows the situation

Romero remains, perhaps unwittingly, the centre of much conjecture around New Japan and their prospective working relationships.

In a recent interview with Inside the Ropes’ Gary Cassidy, Romero commented on the potential of a link up with Impact Wrestling, following the announcement of Chris Bey’s involvement with New Japan’s Super J Cup tournament.

Now, given the apparent crossover between Impact and All Elite Wrestling, fans will continue to speculate on whether this may finally open the ‘Forbidden Door’ to an alignment between AEW and New Japan.