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Rob Van Dam And Triple H Reflect On Survivor Series 2002 Frog Splash Incident

Rob Van Dam Triple H

WWE Hall Of Famers Rob Van Dam and Triple H have looked back on the serious injury to Triple H caused by an errant Five Star Frog Splash.

At the 2002 Survivor Series, a new match concept was introduced to the WWE Universe as the demonic Elimination Chamber made its debut. Triple H put his World Heavyweight Championship on the line inside the massive structure against Rob Van Dam, Kane, Booker T, Chris Jericho, and Shawn Michaels.

At the end of the night, it was The Heartbreak Kid standing tall in his second bout since returning from a four-year absence from the ring as the new World Heavyweight Champion.

The match is also remembered for a more infamous moment when high-flying Rob Van Dam executed a Five Star Frog Splash from the top of one of the Chamber’s pods. The recipient of the move was Triple H with The Game ending up suffering a crushed throat that resulted in an overnight stay at the hospital.

Speaking on the new series of Ruthless Aggression airing on the WWE Network and Peacock, both men gave their sides of the horrific incident. Rob Van Dam says he felt horrible about causing such a serious injury:

“It was not an easy calculation, and I was off. I think I overshot a little bit and, as I was coming down, my shin came right across his throat. I felt horrible about it, but of course he continued the match to the point where I don’t remember even knowing that he was hurt, at least not that bad.”

Triple H then recalled having concerns when he saw Van Dam trying to stand up on top of the pod:

“As I was laying there and I saw him go to the top of the pod, I was thinking, ‘Oh sh*t, he can’t stand up straight. I’m looking and I’m thinking, ‘That looks really awkward. I don’t know if he can jump from there.’”

“It was just going tragically in the wrong direction like I’d walk over to somebody and they’d hit me, and as soon as I’d take a bump, I can’t breathe again. It would all just inflame back up.”

Triple H was the last man eliminated in the match by Michaels meaning The King Of Kings managed to wrestle for over 25 minutes after suffering the brutal injury to his throat.

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