Rob Van Dam Shoots Down Rumour He Is Partially Blind

Rob Van Dam

WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam has hit back at a rumour that he can’t wrestle because he is blind in one eye.

Rob Van Dam has been in the headlines again after Seth Rollins appeared in an outfit inspired by him at Extreme Rules on October 8th. This led to some wondering if we might see RVD back in the company in the near future.

However, one fan made the claim that Rob Van Dam can’t legally wrestle for the company as he’s blind in one eye.

This news about his health was a surprise to the former WWE Champion, who immediately hit back at the claim asking where “idiots” get their ideas.

“Where do idiots get this s*it from?”

When someone else posted the article in question, RVD joked that someone better tell him which eye to look out of.

“I never heard this one, but I guess it must be true if it was on the internet. I wonder if they hired me blind or did I lose my eye site while with Impact. Did the article say? Also, I need to know which eye to look out of. Thanks”

Later, during a Twitter Q+A, he responded to someone asking how he was doing by running through some of the things he had just found out about himself that day, including one fan saying he only had “one match” left in him.

“I knew I was 51 but just found out 1 of my eyes doesn’t work from 1 of you. Now I’m confused, cause I’m on tour in the U.K., just found out I’ve got 1 match left from 1 of you, and I don’t know what to do about my busy schedule and wrestling bookings.
But… I’m Vantastic! You?”