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Rob Van Dam Reveals Creative Freedom For WWE Icons

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Former WWE and ECW Champion Rob Van Dam has opened up about his forthcoming WWE Icons documentary and how the company imposed no restrictions on his tale.

One of the standout stars of the WCW/ECW invasion angle which besieged the then World Wrestling Federation in 2001, Van Dam was a dead cert to remain after the storyline was over and integrate into the new-look WWF roster.

Tangling with the likes of The Undertaker, Jeff Hardy and an incoming Brock Lesnar who he warred with in the spring of 2002 leading to a clash in the King of the Ring tournament, Van Dam would climb the ladder to Intercontinental, Tag Team and finally at ECW One Night Stand 2006, joint WWE and ECW Champion when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to pin John Cena in front of a baying crowd.

Now, ‘The Whole Damn Show’ has sat down with the TC Martin Show to talk about his upcoming WWE Icons special on the WWE Network and reveal that even though he has been absent from the Stamford group for seven years, they imposed zero restrictions on the tales he was allowed to tell:

“It’s part of the Icons series. A lot of people caught the Yokozuna Icons and I watched it the other day to know what to expect. I’m so stoked and it’s so good. It’s not going to be like another documentary. This is telling my whole story. My career, my life, it’s like having a movie made about you. We filmed some incredible stuff. They were at my house, my private gym, and they filmed me doing some RVD stuff. People are going to watch this and be like, ‘Why is RVD not in the ring right now?’ That’s cool. They got people’s feedback on me and other wrestlers. They got my family and even RVD CBD. There is a lot of freedom in this special to tell the story of the individual. It wasn’t the strict guidelines people expect from WWE.”

WWE Icons is the company’s latest attempt to shed a definitive light on several of their legendary competitors. Following the critical acclaim of the Yokozuna episode which aired on January 31 following the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, fans are eager for a second helping from the series which will include subjects such as Rob Van Dam, The British Bulldog, Beth Phoenix and Lex Luger.

Credit for the interview: TC Martin Show

h/t for the transcription: Fightful