Rob Van Dam Plans To Release Autobiography

Rob Van Dam AEW

WWE Hall Of Famer Rob Van Dam has been discussing plans for an autobiography.

The legendary former WWE Champion has enjoyed a storied career that has lasted for over 30 years, having originally made his in-ring debut back in 1990.

Fans would be sure to clamour for an inside view into the life and iconic career of the man from Battle Creek, Michigan although it seems publication of the much anticipated book could be a way off still.

In a recent interview with Denise Salcedo, Van Dam confirmed he would like to release a book but was unsure about when it would be finished:

“The autobiography. Probably like four or five times a year, I have people approach me and [ask] if I’ve ever thought about it — they’re writers or they’ve written someone else’s book or whatever. Yes, I’ve always thought and planned on doing a book, I have gone through different stages of development. I met with book agents, I’ve considered ghostwriters instead of writing it myself because I do like to write, but will I get it done? [shrugs] What are the other advantages to having a ghostwriter and is independent publishing just as good nowadays?

Anyways, it is something that if I don’t do, hopefully somebody will find my records with all the bull crap they add. But if I don’t do it, it’s just because I never got to it. Like I said, I’ll be around till I’m at least 150. That is near the top of my to-do list, it is something that I work on now, not as passionately as when it was at the top of my list, but I have a plethora of stories that nobody has even heard.”

Rob Van Dam Could Return To AEW

Van Dam could be set to add another chapter to his career with a return to AEW. Speaking with Inside The Ropes man Dominic D’Angelo on his 1 Of A Kind Podcast, the former ECW World Television Champion revealed that talks with AEW CEO Tony Khan had taken place:

“Well, was it talked about between me and Tony [Khan] about me coming back? Yeah. The details of that conversation? We’ll have to wait and see.”

H/T: Fightful for the above transcription