Rob Van Dam On Who Would Induct Him Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

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There isn’t much that ECW legend Rob Van Dam hasn’t accomplished in the world of professional wrestling. He was won championships in pretty much every promotion that he was ever competed in, including famously capturing the WWE Title inside a packed out Hammerstein Ballroom at ECW One Night Stand 2006.

After such a glittering career it seems inevitable that Rob Van Dam will make his way into the WWE Hall Of Fame in the not too distant future.

Speaking to That 90’s Wrestling Podcast, Van Dam was asked about a potential Hall Of Fame induction and who might do the honours, and the ‘Whole F’N Show’ revealed that there can only be one choice.

“Kinda has to be Paul (Heyman) doesn’t it, I think it has to be Paul, Has to be Paul, Sabu doesn’t talk very good, (laughing) On the real, Paul is the only producer/agent that’s ever had my best interests at heart and understood me, you know and because of that, ya know it has to be him as predictable as it is.”

While it might be the predictable choice, it is certainly the one that makes the most sense. While Van Dam may have hit greater heights in WWE later on in his career, it was under Paul Heyman’s tutelage in ECW in the mid to late 1990’s where he arguably produced some of his best work.

Interestingly, Mr Monday Night went on to say that he did have a second choice behind Heyman, a certain Vince McMahon.

Van Dam is currently enjoying a spell out of the ring, since leaving IMPACT Wrestling in September 2020. However, RVD retains a good relationship with WWE and is due to feature in the WWE Icons series on the WWE Network.

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