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Rob Van Dam – “I Never Felt Untouchable In WWE, Even When I Was Champion”

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Rob Van Dam has claimed that he never felt his job in WWE was fully safe, even when he was holding the World Championship.

Throughout 2021 WWE made huge cuts to their talent roster, both in terms of main roster Superstars and up and coming NXT hopefuls. These rounds of releases saw the likes of Malakai Black, Braun Strowman, Keith Lee and many, many more leave the company.

In fact, the releases have continued into 2022, although they have so far been restricted to non-wrestling personnel such as William Regal, Samoa Joe and Road Dogg.

Speaking during a recent appearance on the Cafe De Rene podcast, with Rene Dupree, Rob Van Dam commented on the wide-ranging cuts. Reflecting on his own time with the company, the WWE Hall of Famer said that he never truly felt comfortable in WWE, even when he was holding the World Championship.

“For some reason, I was never like real comfortable in WWE, you know? People are like — every time someone gets fired now, which I mean it is, you know, pretty crazy how often they’ve been doing that but the world is always shocked, you know? Like, ‘Oh my God.’ I think, even when I was champion, I never felt untouchable. They humbled me so much by — you know, they give you plans. ‘We’re gonna do this. We’re gonna do this, sike. Sike.’ [It happened so much] to where it humbled me. I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m not fired? Oh, okay. That’s cool.’”

Van Dam went on to recall meeting Ken Anderson in IMPACT not long after he had been released by WWE. RVD said that Anderson claimed he had been told that he was released because of his lack of ability with promos, scoffing at the suggestion. Van Dam explained that he couldn’t imagine being that ego driven.

“Ken [Anderson said] at IMPACT when I met him, him and somebody, they were talking about when he got fired from WWE and the reason they gave him. Ken says, ‘They said I couldn’t do promos, me. They said I couldn’t do promos’ and I was like, ‘Wow, what an ego this guy has.’ I can’t imagine feeling like that myself. Like, ‘They said I’m not a good wrestler. Me, the whole f*cking show.’”

The former ECW star added that he felt by keeping himself to himself while with WWE he actually harmed his run with the company. Van Dam recalled mocking Chris Jericho while he was out with one of WWE’s writers, before realising that it was perhaps something he should have been doing more of.

“I was one of them and when I look at it now [being reserved in WWE], that kind of in some — I mean it is what it is but in some ways, I see where it hurt me. Like in WWE, I would look at somebody — I remember one time we saw Chris Jericho sitting at a Waffle House table with a writer and me and whoever I was with at the table across from the way, we’re like, ‘Look at that suck ass over there f*cking pitching stuff man. Oh my God. Doesn’t that make you sick?’

And in reality, why? It’s just somebody doing their job well and writers would love it when you would give them ideas, pitch them ideas and whatever, you know, and I was so opposite from that. Last thing I would do is probably pitch an idea.

The only time that was different was in ECW. For some reason, I felt really comfortable there and I felt like that was, you know, a lot of mine as much as everyone else’s but I mean I felt like, dude, how could I not feel like I’ve … they’re chanting ‘RVD’ from the beginning of the show ‘till the main event, you know? So it’s like I had to own that and it was a good feeling but, I wouldn’t wanna be hungry again like that.”

Rob Van Dam signed with WWE in the summer of 2001 after a highly acclaimed run with ECW during the 1990’s. Van Dam went on to become one of the most popular Superstars in the company winning pretty much every title that there was to win, including the WWE Championship in 2006.

Mr Monday Night was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2021.

H/t to POST Wrestling for the transcription.