Rob Van Dam Recalls Michael Hayes Trying To Change His Ring Gear

Rob Van Dam RVD

Rob Van Dam revealed that Michael Hayes wasn’t a fan of his iconic airbrushed ring gear and wanted it changed!

Ever since rising to fame in ECW, Rob Van Dam has made himself stand out with a unique style, combining high flying offense with flashy martial arts-based kicks.

In addition to his unique in-ring style, he’s also set himself apart with custom airbrushed singlets, a look that became iconic for the eventual WWE Hall of Famer. However, when one fan praised his signature style on social media, RVD revealed that WWE wanted to change his look when he signed with the company as part of the Invasion in 2001 following the closure of ECW.

“This was one of the first things WWE tried to change about me”

When asked for the reason behind WWE wanting to change something so unique, Rob Van Dam explained that Michael Hayes likened the signature airbrushing to tie dye and that it reminded the company too much of the 70’s.

“Michael Hayes called the airbrush art ‘tie dye’ and said it reminded them of the 70s.”

He also shared an image of what WWE wanted him to wear instead, showing a black singlet with a simple red design.

“This was what they wanted me to wear. I kept it for non televised house shows”

Despite the company’s attempts to change his look, Rob Van Dam continued to wear airbrushed singlets throughout his WWE tenure. He had his fair share of success in the company, becoming a Grand Slam Champion and he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2021.

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