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Rob Van Dam Discusses Influencing Current WWE Superstars

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Rob Van Dam has opened up about comparisons to Riddle and how far his influence stretches in modern day WWE.

At the peak of his powers, through the late 1990’s and into the early 2000’s, Rob Van Dam was known as one of the more unorthodox and unique performers in North America. His blend of martial arts strikes and death-defying high-flying manoeuvres made him a fan favourite wherever he performed.

As the former World Champion has started to wind down his in-ring career, he has begun to be compared to some of today’s more unique Superstars, and in particular, Riddle.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling, RVD said that he could see why people make the comparison, before explaining that he feels it’s harder for Superstar’s to stand out in today’s environment.

“I like Matt [Riddle], he’s a good guy and I can see the influence and why people would say that,” RVD said. “The style that I used to do was fought against by the office a lot and now people flip over the top rope to the floor so much that it’s not really as exciting. I think it’s harder to stand out nowadays, especially when you’re trying to stand out with your moves. Matt has his own unique style of MMA that he brings. I used to wrestle barefoot when I started out too also, but yeah, he’s definitely a character that everyone is going to remember.”

Continuing on, Van Dam was asked who he sees as the RVD of the current generation. The WWE Hall of Famer explained that he’s influences “almost all” of today’s Superstars, despite some of his contemporaries being bigger names.

“Almost all of them,” RVD said when talking about who he sees in WWE as the next RVD. “I think that I was one of the strongest influences on today’s generation. A lot of fans, even if they think they remember the main event big pushes of Stone Cold and The Rock, sometimes when you mention RVD and you think about it you’re like, ‘yeah, he was my favourite.’ I always get told I was everybody’s favourite wrestler and it was because I was different, so that’s also very rewarding.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Rob Van Dam also revealed that he had made himself available to WWE for a Royal Rumble appearance, but only made it as far as the stand-by list.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.