Rob Van Dam Had To Be Spoon Fed Fruit Loops By Jerry Lynn Whilst Drugged Up

Rob Van Dam Had To Be Spoon Fed Fruit Loops By Jerry Lynn Whilst Drugged Up

In a shocking revelation, Rob Van Dam recently shared an unexpected anecdote about his first encounter with Jerry Lynn, whilst Van Dam was under the influence of Somas.

The incident took place when former WWE Champion RVD was under the influence of muscle relaxers called Somas, which he had taken to sleep during a flight. During the 1 Of A Kind podcast, Van Dam recollected the fuzzy memory of their first meeting.

RVD recalled that he was travelling via plane and as he got onto the aircraft he ran into Jerry Lynn, who was sitting near the front of the plane, Van Damn greeted Lynn and then proceeded to find his seat near the back of the plane, where he then proceeded to take some Somas to help him sleep through the flight. Van Dam said:

So, I got on the airplane, I think it was ValuJet … Jerry [Lynn] was sitting much more towards the front, so I passed him on the way to the back. That’s where I met him,” RVD said. “[I said] ‘Hey, Jerry, you know, what’s up, dude? Good to meet you.’ I went back there, to the back, in my seat, and I apparently took some Somas so that I could take a nap on the airplane.

Shortly after ingesting the medication Van Dam received a bowl of cereal from a stewardess, that he intended to eat to help speed up the effects of the Somas. Shortly after this, Lynn approached Van Dam to speak with him.

Van Dam couldn’t recall the specifics of the conversation but did remember struggling to hold his spoon as he tried to eat the cereal. RVD seems to believe the cereal in question was probably Froot Loops and as he struggled to eat the cereal, Lynn graciously helped Van Dam by spoon-feeding him. Van Dam said on the matter:

That motherf***er ended up feeding me. First time I met him, he’s feeding me Froot Loops or something. I don’t know what our conversation would have entailed at that point, what we could have possibly talked about when he came back there, but yeah, man, nice dude. He took over the spoon right away.

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How Many Times Has Rob Van Dam Wrestled Jerry Lynn?

As of date Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn have had 41 recorded matches, the first of which occurred way back in 1997 when Van Dam beat Lynn at an ECW event. Throughout their time in ECW Van Dam and Lynn had numerous matches for the ECW World Television Title, unfortunately for Lynn he was never able to take the title from Van Dam.

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