Rob Van Dam Calls Vince McMahon “The Only One I Cared About”

Rob Van Dam thumb

While Rob Van Dam may be well known for his long standing relationship with Paul Heyman, RVD has also revealed that he also remains in touch with WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

Appearing on That 90’s Wrestling Podcast, Van Dam gave an insight into his relationship with the WWE Chairman, calling him “the only one I ever cared about.” Mr Monday Night detailed how he is set to be the subject of a new documentary and that he’s also in discussions about a potential book deal.

“They [WWE] contacted me and asked if I’d be interested & that they wanted to make a documentary on me, and I said sure, I’d be interested. We haven’t actually shot much of it yet, But, [RVD Whispers] it comes out in May. So we’re gonna be shooting a lot of it real soon. So I’m excited about it, I’m talking to them [WWE] about doing a book, we’re in talks, I don’t think our relationship was ever really severed ya know, because I keep in touch with Vince(McMahon), because he’s the only one I ever cared about, because I didn’t really wanna go back, so they really didn’t have anything I wanted, So if there are certain guys that I’ve burnt bridges with or whatever then, ya know hey shucks.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Van Dam, perhaps unsurprisingly, said that he would like Paul Heyman to induct him into the WWE Hall Of Fame. However, he did name McMahon as his preferred second choice.

Rob Van Dam is set to feature in the WWE Icons series on the WWE Network. WWE Icons premiered in January, with the first episode looking at the life and career of WWE Hall Of Famer Yokozuna.

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