Road Dogg On Why Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns Is “The Perfect Match”

Roman Reigns & Logan Paul

Road Dogg believes the bout set for Crown Jewel between Logan Paul and Roman Reigns is a huge attraction.

At a recent press conference in Las Vegas, it was announced that Logan Paul will take on Roman Reigns on November 5th at WWE Crown Jewel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The contest will only be Paul’s second singles match and third match in total.

Speaking on his Oh…You Didn’t Know podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg discussed Logan Paul’s involvement and comparisons with David Arquette’s infamous stint as WCW Champion in 2000 if the YouTube star was to win the title:

“Well, it depends on how long he wants to go with the business or how far he wants to go in the business. Because look, if they were to put the title on him, and he were to come and do television shows, I think that would be great for the ratings of television shows. And so I think if he were willing to tell some kind of story arc, I think it would be okay.

And I think the reason being, I don’t think it was okay with Arquette, because Arquette was not physically gifted. He is not athletic at all. And so it was all smoke and mirrors and bullcrap where Logan Paul can actually have a physical contest with somebody and make it look like it is a physical contest.

You know what I mean? And so I think there’s two totally different spectrums when you’re talking about those two”

The Senior Vice President of Live Events elaborated further, explaining that in his view Reigns vs. Paul is a “perfect match”:

“Yeah, not even not even a comparison. Okay, not even a [comparison]. No offence to Arquette, like he was in way over his head. Logan Paul has proved that he is athletic and has athletic prowess. And I mean, I’ve watched him work in the match, you know, with Miz and against Miz. And like, this guy’s got something and he’s also got 33 million followers or however I may have misstated, but it’s a tonne.

Yeah, so look, I think it’s big business in a positive light this time, I think Arquette was big business in a negative light. And that’s just how I feel about it. And it’s not because I didn’t work for one company that I work for the other. Logan Paul’s an attraction. And that’s exactly what the Saudi dates are for is to have huge attractions. And so this is the perfect match, in my opinion.”

A recent report has suggested the reason behind the WWE Universal Championship match taking place at Crown Jewel is due to Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud being a big fan of Logan Paul.

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