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Road Dogg Questions If Naomi Is Done Wrestling After Walkout

Sasha Banks Naomi

Road Dogg has suggested that Naomi may be ready to walk away from professional wrestling altogether after walking out of an episode of Raw alongside Sasha Banks.

After Naomi and Sasha Banks walked out of the May 16th edition of Monday Night Raw, reportedly after a row over creative, a WWE Hall of Famer has questioned whether the former may be gone forever.

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Road Dogg explained that he felt the move was “risky” on Naomi’s part given her standing in the company compared to Banks. In light of this, he suggested that the star might not want to come back to WWE at all.

“[It was risky] for her [Naomi] for sure and it’s not that she’s less talented than Sasha [Banks] either, because I actually believe the contrary is the truth but, yeah, risky as far as who she’s with and where they’re at and all of that but I do believe that they would look at her as an individual talent and not lump her and [Jimmy] Uso together.

But it is risky for her because what’s gonna happen after this? You know what I mean? What’s gonna — maybe she’s done. Maybe she don’t wanna work no more… Maybe they gotta nest the egg, maybe they wanna hug some babies or something. You never know,”#

Naomi and Sasha Banks had been due to compete in a six-pack challenge in the main event to determine a new number one contender for the Raw Women’s Championship. However, after reportedly being dissatisfied with creative, the pair left the arena.

While the show was in progress, WWE released a statement claiming that the pair weren’t comfortable in the ring with two of their opponents, and felt their Women’s Tag Team Titles were being disrespected. Meanwhile, Corey Graves slammed the pair as “unprofessional” on commentary.

In the aftermath of the incident, Wade Keller and Bryan Alvarez have both reported that the Women’s Tag Team Champions had little support backstage, with the prevailing mood being more confusion than anything else.

H/t to POST Wrestling for the transcription.