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Road Dogg On Why The New Age Outlaws Will Never Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame

Road Dogg Billy Gunn New Age Outlaws

Former WWE Superstar Road Dogg has explained why he believes his tag team with Billy Gunn, the New Age Outlaws, will not be honoured with a WWE Hall of Fame induction.

In 1997, history was made when mid-card acts Billy Gunn and Double J Jesse James joined forces to become the New Age Outlaws. Together the duo became known as Road Dogg and ‘Bad Ass’ Billy Gunn and were the seminal tag team of the Attitude Era in WWE.

Speaking on his Oh… You Didn’t Know? podcast Road Dogg discussed with his brother, WWE official Scott Armstrong why he believes that neither the New Age Outlaws nor the legendary Armstrong wrestling family will be honoured with inductions into the WWE Hall Of Fame:

“I don’t think we ever will because the wrestling, not the fans, the wrestling powers that be doesn’t look at our family like that. I really believe that with all my heart. I think they overlook us and we don’t get the credit we get. Again, that’s not from the fans, the fans in the Southeast will fight you over some Bob Armstrong stuff.”

“I just don’t feel like me and Billy [Gunn] will get it either on our own. It’s definitely some politics going into it and I just don’t know that our family is going to be brought up in that conversation. I think we should but I don’t think we will.”

Road Dogg and Billy Gunn were inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2019 as part of DX, an induction that saw Triple H make a remark about AEW that left Gunn wanting to throw hands.

h/t Wrestling Inc.