Road Dogg Names His Favorite Heels In History

Road Dogg Shawn Michaels DX

Road Dogg has old school mix of favorite heels with a modern twist.

On a recent episode of “Oh…You Didn’t Know” Road Dogg Brian James was asked about who were his top favorite heels of all time were. James’ father, “Bullet” Bob Armstrong was a stalwart babyface for most of his career, but Road Dogg did start off as a heel in the WWF as The Roadie with Jeff Jarrett. James named some names that really captivated his dark side.

“I always thought Arn and Ole [Anderson] were the great heel tag team. I just thought they were so great together. And look, I was young and impressionable. But I thought, ‘Man, Arn and Ole look like they’re beating the crap out of everybody in there.’ I thought they were great heels. I thought Barry Windham was a great heel, great babyface, too, for that matter. I’m trying to think of other territories too because you gotta think about back in the day with Sheik and Abdullah The Butcher, you know what I mean? People were really scared to death of them. Even The Wild Samoans.”

One Modern Talent Still Stands Out To Road Dogg

A heel that continues to capture James’ admiration is Randy Orton as he has some high praise for the Apex Predator.

“He’s the best television wrestler I’ve ever seen in my life. He just has the best presence about every movement and every camera shot. He just does it, and they know it, and it’s picture-perfect every time. I just love watching him. I don’t care if he’s a babyface or a heel.”