Road Dogg Claims Hell In A Cell PPV Doesn’t Hurt The Match Gimmick

Road Dogg WWE Hell in a Cell

Road Dogg believes feuds and storylines should justify having a Hell in a Cell match regardless of whether the gimmick has its own PPV.

Hell in a Cell remains one of the most brutal matches WWE have ever created. Introduced in 1997, Hell in a Cell is often meant to settle grunge feuds that have gone on for an extended period.

However, some have suggested that the concept has been watered down by having it as an annual pay-per-view. The first Hell in a Cell pay-per-view occurred in 2009 and featured three Hell in a Cell matches on the show.

One person who argues against the idea of Hell in a Cell pay-per-views watering down the match concept is WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg. On the latest edition of the “Oh…You Didn’t Know” podcast, Road Dogg explained why he believes good feuds and storylines are just as important of a reason for why the hellish structure is brought back each year.

“I don’t think so. Look I think it’s a different cage. If you have a cage match, you don’t give those away all the time, either. You know what I mean? So I think maybe on holiday tours or something, you’ll get a cage match or two. But you don’t get, you don’t see those a lot on television.

So really having something to build to and then the trick is actually was in your question was making sure the story is right for Hell in the Cell, and very few are. So you have to be there when you look at these two combatants you go, we got to lock them inside Hell in a Cell and this is the end, you know what I’m like, this is the blow off. We can’t do anything else. And so yeah, very important that the story has to be right and match the consequences of Hell in a Cell.”

Kane made his WWE debut in October 1997 during the Hell in a Cell match between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker at Badd Blood. WWE recently announced they would be celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Big Red Monster’s debut later this month.

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