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Road Dogg Shares His Favourite Triple H Story

Road Dogg Triple H DX Story FI

WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg has shared his favourite Triple H story from the pairs time travelling together as part of the now iconic faction D-Generation X.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes own Liam Alexander-Stewart, former Intercontinental Champion ‘Road Dogg’ Brian James would discuss his time in DX alongside Triple H and reveal that during his struggles with drug and alcohol abuse it was the ‘King of Kings’ that helped dragged him out of it – on more than one occasion.

” I think what I’m going to say is my ‘favourite story is…

While I was at the worst part of my life and I was trying to trying to crawl back out of that hole, when I wasn’t completely out of the hole yet. He called me and said, ‘hey, do you want to come back?’

So he has looked out for me since day one. He always has and I’ve always looked out for him as well. We’ve been friends for 30 years. He picked me up when I was down prior to that as well, I was just one of the guys he would carry to their room. So he’s got a special place in my heart and always will.

During that very pivotal time in my life, he was there for me and look, several , I’ll say four people were there for me and and he was one of them. So that that means the world to me.

He took care of me for many years and then me and him used to try to calm each other down when we wouldn’t get our way creatively and we’d say to each other, ‘This is just phony baloney wrestling, man. It’s just men wrestling,’ you know, ‘wrestling around in their underwear.’

So we would try to make light of it and tell each other ‘Remember, keep your feet on the ground, bro.'”

Continuing, James would state that his story with Triple H is about more than just good times and laughter [although that was a big part] but in fact it was about a three decade friendship between two men who would grow up together in the wrestling business and be there for each other during their highs and their lows.

“So more than just a story about him doing something funny to me and me doing something funny to him. The story is a 30 year, three decade friendship. I’ve been with him longer than I’ve been with my wife, and that’s the truth. Billy [Gunn], Jeff [Jarrett] and Ron [Killing] is the same way.

Triple H is a special guy. He is a special guy to me for a lot of reasons.

Look, also, when I came back and inducted my father into the Hall of Fame, one of my favourite things was I had been sober a year, and it was that Hell in the Cell match with him and Undertaker.

When ‘Taker had the Hells Gate on and that that sledgehammer was right there and he was crawling for it with his hand. I was on the edge of my seat and I’m sitting in the top in a booth in a clubhouse and I was marking out, and that’s after me knowing the dude for 20 years at the time and being in matches with him.

But still to see them and to see that and to see it with clear eyes for the first time, it almost made me fall in love with wrestling again.”

First aligning with Billy Gunn in The New Age Outlaws, Road Dogg, alongside ‘The Bad Ass’, would join D-Generation X on the Raw following WrestleMania XIV. He’d remain there essentially for the remainder of his WWE career, later teaming with both X-Pac and K-Kwik before his WWE release in January 2001.

Alongside runs in the then-Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and on the independent circuit, Road Dogg would return to WWE in 2011 as a producer, soon working his way up to become a lead writer for SmackDown and helping at the WWE Performance Center. Road Dogg was released from the company again in January 2022.

Many thanks to Podcast Heat for facilitating our chat with the WWE Hall of Famer.

Road Dogg co-hosts the phenomenal Oh…You Didn’t Know podcast alongside Ryan Katz via Podcast Heat – their latest episode, focusing on a tag team Mount Rushmore, is available to watch on YouTube or to listen to via iTunes, Spotify, and all good podcast providers.

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