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Road Dogg On Being Detained Following DX WCW Invasion

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WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg has discussed being detained following DX’s lesser-known invasion of WCW that occurred live on Raw.

As every WWE fan has heard the company repeat over the years, DX launched an invasion of WCW when the two wrestling giants were running shows just a few miles from each other in 1998. The invasion saw DX attempt to ride a tank – that looked suspiciously like a jeep – into the Norfolk Scope where WCW was holding its Nitro show.

Fans might not remember that the dead horse was flogged by WWE just two weeks later as DX attempted another invasion of WCW’s parent company’s headquarters, the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Speaking on his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, Road Dogg discussed the second attempted invasion of WWE’s competitors and while this one is not as well remembered by fans, the New Age Outlaw says this one sticks in his head thanks to the involvement of law enforcement and a lucky escape:

“I didn’t know about that one until we were literally on a plane to get down there. I remember a lot of stuff about that because that one was scarier to me because there was a lot of law enforcement involved.”

“It wasn’t too long after [the Nitro invasion] that they sent us down there. I laugh at these stories because I was ridiculous. I don’t recommend anybody do this stuff. When we went to CNN Center, I had a bunch of marijuana on me so we had that hidden in the van.”

“The cops came. It was scary. I was scared at that time because I thought, ‘Now we’re poking the bear for real.’ They called the cops on us and they detained us momentarily. We were literally detained. Not in a prison or a county jail, but we were detained. It got heated for a second.”

“It felt like it was longer than 30 minutes, especially with the amount of weed I had tucked in the backseat of the charter van. I was immediately sweating, thinking, ‘this is it, I’m going to jail in Atlanta.’ It was fine. They cited us. I think there was a donation made to the policeman’s ball or something and we went away.”

Road Dogg recently discussed his time in TNA and says the company wanted to break the bank and offer seven figures for a special DX match.

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