“This Has No Business In Our Business” – Road Dogg Calls Out Divisive Athena Match

Road Dogg

A veteran of almost four decades, Road Dogg has seen and done it all throughout his illustrious career. The former WWE and NWA World Tag Team Champion is now the Senior Vice President, Live Events for WWE, having previously served in a variety of backstage roles that included being the SmackDown lead writer.

With this experience and his wrestling family heritage, being the son of the late WWE Hall of Famer ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong, the real-life Brian Girard James knows when to call something out. That’s precisely what he did recently, dissatisfied with the behaviour shown in a recent AEW Dark: Elevation contest.

“It’s Ugly” – Road Dogg Blasts AEW Match

The match, which pitted Athena against local talent Jody Threat, was broadcast on the October 17th AEW Dark: Elevation, and saw ‘The Fallen Goddess’ emerge victorious in just under five minutes. While the first portion of the bout went down without a hitch, the match quickly went viral on social media when Athena became physical.

Seeing the former Ember Moon seemingly take liberties with the less-experienced Jody, Road Dogg has fought back against those defending her actions:

“This has no business in our business. It’s ugly and there’s no money in it! Small ball mentality Dirty Dutch!”

Elaborating, Road Dogg explained how the segment stopped being a scripted wrestling match as soon as Jody Threat didn’t go down from a clothesline:

“I didn’t see the match, all I saw was the clip I commented on. In that clip, as soon as red didn’t go down on her clothesline, Athena beat her up plain and simple. It stopped being a “match” at that moment. Maybe the girl deserved it, but if you think this was “wrestling” idk”

Fightful Select issued a report following the incident and the footage subsequently doing the rounds on social media, which stated that AEW management approached both Athena and Jody Threat backstage following the match. One source from the report alleged that Athena should have “led by example” in that situation.