Road Dogg Blasts Fans For “Very Disrespectful” Crowd Chant

Road Dogg

Wrestling fans are an integral part of any show, but according to Road Dogg there are times when they can overstep the mark.

While fans have been chastised previously for ‘hijacking’ the show, there is one chant that became a WWE staple much to the annoyance of many.

After CM Punk left the company in 2014 fans continued to chant for their hero. Due to the unsavory nature of his exit, this was to be expected in the short term but the chants continued for years. Much like the now infamous “what?” chants have continued to blight promos, CM Punk chants became a regular occurrence during any dip in the action.

Road Dogg Gives Thoughts On CM Punk Chants

Although the chants have quietened down a great deal since Punk joined AEW in August 2021, they remain polarising.

Speaking on his podcast, Oh You Didn’t Know, Road Dogg slammed the chants as “disrespectful” commenting on whether they bothered performers in the ring.

“No, not at all,” Dogg said. “Sometimes the boys do. Sometimes the guys are in there busting their tail and the fans want to hijack the show or whatever to show their – let their voice be heard. It’s always very disrespectful for the same people they supposedly love and so avidly support.”

WWE’s Senior Vice President of Live Events has previously made no secret of his issues with CM Punk, and it appears that those feelings remain. Addressing Punk directly, Road Dogg stated that people have finally realised that he’s a bit of “an asshole.”

“I knew how [Punk] was from dealing with him personally, but it finally seems like other people have seen how he is too now,” Dogg explained. “It’s like, ‘Oh, okay. So he’s not the second coming. He’s just a man and he’s kind of an a-hole.'”

CM Punk hasn’t wrestled since winning the AEW World Championship at All Out on September 4th. In the hours after the victory the star launched an astonishing attack on a number of AEW stars which was followed by a brawl backstage.

H/t to Wrestling Inc