“Almost Went To Blows” – Road Dogg On Backstage Fight With CM Punk

Road Dogg CM Punk

WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg detailed the time he and CM Punk didn’t see eye to eye and nearly came to blows backstage!

It’s not uncommon for tensions to rise in the fast paced world of professional wrestling, and heated conversations can arise at a moment’s notice. On the latest episode of Oh… You Didn’t Know (available first via AdFreeShows), Road Dogg was asked if anyone had ever yelled at him backstage. While he says he hasn’t been yelled at, he recounted a time when he and CM Punk nearly came to blows over a tense conversation.

“Me and CM Punk almost went to blows when I was a producer on a live event. And we had to get called into Vince’s office at TV and make nice and shake hands. So that’s, that’s what some of the like, I don’t know, I never I never thought Punk was what Punk was. But again, I know he is what he is. I know he’s hugely successful in this industry and over. I give him all the credit in the world, I just didn’t get it. I see it now, I still don’t get it. But I see it, so I know it’s true.

Continuing, Road Dogg admitted that he was the one to act unprofessionally when the two men came face to face once more.

“But me and him didn’t see eye to eye early on about he was the champion at the time and it was about like how he was carrying himself as the champion. And I had a discussion with him that he obviously didn’t didn’t like being talked to you that way. And so the next time I saw him it was it was not yelling in my face. But it was, I was yelling in his face, he was a lot more professional and calm and I wasn’t at the time.”

Road Dogg also recently revealed that he took inspiration for his iconic catchphrase from the Greatest Show on Earth.

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