Road Dogg Names AEW Tag Team That Remind Him Of The New Age Outlaws

Billy Gunn & Road Dogg (New Age Outlaws)

Road Dogg believes there’s one particular tag team in AEW that remind him of his own former team, The New Age Outlaws.

After teaming together for the first time in October 1997, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn found success as part of D-X, becoming known as The New Age Outlaws. During their initial run together, the pair one tag team gold on five occasions, and rose to become one of the most popular teams in WWE history.

Although the two have since separated, their influence as a tag team continues to be felt even today with the introduction of Austin and Colten Gunn in AEW. The “Ass Boys,” as fans are now calling them, were recently mentioned by Road Dogg to have a lot of similarities to their father and himself.

In an episode of the “Oh…You Didn’t Know” podcast, Road Dogg praised both of Gunn’s sons and said they possess a similar personality to The New Age Outlaws:

“I do see some [of myself and Billy Gunn] in them, and that is kind of weird of me to say and weird for me to feel that way. But I see Austin [as myself] but the difference is that he can work too. I wasn’t a very good athlete, I was just entertaining I guess. But both of his kids are great athletes, it’s just that Austin is out there a bit more. Colten just kind of brings home the bacon, he just does what he has to do.

I see some similar things in what they do, and I have actually talked a couple of times with them about coming up with something. It can’t be like what we did, but coming up with some like sing-songy thing. Like when you are a heel, it’s like the Kurt Angle you suck thing, we are trying to do something like that.”

Austin and Colten Gunn are part of the Gunn Club stable alongside their father in AEW. The two brothers are one-time New South Wrestling Tag Team Champions and have joined forces with The Acclaimed in recent weeks.

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