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RK-Bro Earn Raw Tag Team Championship Shot Via Quiz Bowl


RK-Bro are once again the number one contenders for the Raw Tag Team Championships after defeating Alpha Academy in a quiz bowl!

The battle between former Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro and current champions Alpha Academy has been an unconventional one, seeing the two teams battle each other with wits and challenges as well as inside the ring.

Two weeks ago, the teams went head to head in a spelling competition that saw RK-Bro victorious when Chad Gable misspelled the word “disillusion.” Last week’s episode featured a scooter race between Riddle and Chad Gable that saw Gable victorious after interference from Otis, who had been hiding under the ring.

The latest episode of Monday Night Raw opened with RK-Bro taking on Alpha Academy in another academic challenge, this time engaging in a battle of intelligence with the stipulation that if RK-Bro were victorious, they would earn a title shot against the current champions.

Alpha Academy were initially ahead after Riddle and Orton missed a question about whose daughter Hailey Bieber was; Orton answered Alec Baldwin, and Chad Gable was able to steal the question and correctly answered that she was in fact the daughter of Steven Baldwin.

However, RK-Bro were able to make up points when Gable incorrectly answered that Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet had the most movie adaptations and Riddle correctly answered that it was Hamlet. Orton and Riddle got an assist from the Denver crowd in a question about Denver Broncos football, with John Elway being the quarterback with the most wins in Broncos history.

RK-Bro secured the win after Gable didn’t know how many grams were in an ounce, and Randy Orton correctly answered 20 to the delight of the Denver crowd. As Alpha Academy complained about being defeated, they were confronted by the Street Profits, and the two teams proceeded to have a match that saw the champions victorious.

It was a busy night for Riddle, as he was also scheduled to face Seth Rollins on Raw, the first singles match between the two of them.