Rising WWE Superstar’s “Major” Push Scrapped Due To Injury


Since joining WWE, Sol Ruca has become one of the company’s fastest-rising stars.

Ruca first came to the attention of fans in latte 2022, wowing fans with her innovative finishing move which quickly went viral on social media. Since then she has continued her rise up the NXT ranks with a number of eye-catching performances on the third brand and NXT Level Up.

However, that progress recently ground to a halt after Ruca suffered a torn ACL. Shortly after news of the injury became public knowledge it was confirmed that she had undergone surgery.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer has now revealed that her injury derailed plans for a big push alongside another rising star. Meltzer stated that Ruca was due to form a regular team with Dani Palmer, and there was even talk of the pair winning the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles.

“Sol Ruca underwent surgery this past week for her torn ACL. Before her injury, there was talk of making Ruca & Dani Palmer into a major pushed babyface tag team in NXT.

They were so high on them there was talk of them getting the NXT tag belts within a few months but that obviously isn’t happening.”

Booker T Reacts To “Bittersweet” WWE Draft

As part of the recent WWE Draft, a number of NXT Superstars were called up to the main roster. Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, NXT announcer Booker T reflected on the shake-up. The WWE Hall of Famer said that while he was happy to see stars such as Grayson Waller and Zoey Stark move to the main roster, he was sad he wouldn’t be involved in their progress every week.