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Ring Of Honor COO Joe Koff Names Five ROH Talents He Believes Will Be ‘Major Stars’

Ring of Honor Quinn McKay

Whilst speaking with Inside The Ropes writer Liam Alexander-Stewart, Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff would reveal several ROH superstars he believes can go right to the top of professional wrestling and become ‘major stars’ within the industry.

Joe Koff would speak with Inside The Ropes ahead of Sunday’s Best in the World PPV Event which sees the return of crowds to Ring of Honor for the first time in over 17 months.

During the interview, Koff would discuss several topics including; ROH’s approach to talent development, if fans can expect any unfamiliar faces at Best in the World and what made Ring of Honor so successful during the COVID-19 era of pro-wrestling.

Whilst discussing Ring of Honor’s approach to talent recruitment and sustaining their incredible roster of talent despite a history of performers moving to promotions such as the WWE at the height of their career, Koff would name Dak Draper, Brian Johnson, Quinn McKay and The Soldiers of Savagery [Jasper Kaun and Moses Maddox] as some of Ring of Honor’s current talent that he believes will be ‘major stars’ in wrestling be it with ROH or elsewhere.

Speaking with Liam Alexander-Stewart, Koff would state:

“Well, you know, it’s never been a problem because organically we have always attracted top talent. Now, in the past, we’ve had wrestling schools or wrestling tryouts and auditions where we would see many of the people that are starring in major promotions actually came out of that.

In the last couple of years, especially pre covid, let’s put it in the parentheses, we started developing our own talent through our own dojo system and those stars, the Dak Drapers, The Brian Johnson’s and S.O.S, the tag team, Quinn McKay, those people are going to be major, major stars in the future, whether they’re with Ring of Honor or not, we always hope that they will be.”

Continuing, the Ring of Honor COO would reveal why he believes the company is still attractive to performers, citing the respect the brand demands within the industry as one of the primary reasons.

“But if you’re a broadcaster, you’re a podcaster you do what’s best for yourself, what’s best for your family and I can never get in the way of that. But we treat it seriously. We respect them beyond belief. Very few promotions that can give the exposure that Ring of Honor has outside of the other two major promotions that have network deal. But Ring of Honor is seen in almost all of the country, seen in the U.K., it’s seen in India, it’s seen in a lot of places that have ended up it’s seen in a lot of places that expose talent.

So I still think that if you want to hone your talent and hone your skill and become somewhat of a potentially major player, Ring of Honor is still the place to come to because of the way they respected, the way we’re treated, the way we treat them, the way the fans treat them.”

Finally, Koff would reveal that a key aspect of the ROH talent recruitment process involves communicating with current talent and listening to recommendations whilst ensuring the company ‘always has wide-open eyes for future talent’.

Koff would elaborate, stating:

“It’s a great opportunity for any talent. So I don’t think there’s any shortage of talent that would come into Ring of Honor and a lot of our people a lot of our own guys will say, hey, you should look at this guy or let’s bring in this guy and let’s see this guy because they know they’re seeing the talent, they’re wrestling, the talent they’re going into shows we’ve always had wide open eyes for future talent, always from the very beginning.”

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