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Ring Of Honor COO Joe Koff – ‘Jonathan Gresham Is A Master Of Technique’

Ring of Honor Jonathan Gresham

Whilst speaking with Inside The Ropes writer Liam Alexander-Stewart, Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff described ROH Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham as “a master of technique’ whilst discussing was fans can expect heading into Sunday’s Best in the World PPV Event.

Joe Koff spoke with Inside The Ropes ahead of Sunday’s Best in the World PPV Event which sees the return of crowds to Ring of Honor for the first time in over 17 months.

During the interview, Koff discussed several topics including; ROH’s approach to talent development, if fans can expect any unfamiliar faces at Best in the World and what made Ring of Honor so successful during the COVID-19 era of pro-wrestling.

When asked what fans can expect at Sunday’s event, Koff responded impassionately:

“I get that question a lot, and I actually really like that question because when you come to if you’re not familiar with Ring of Honor, when you’re watching it, all of a sudden you realize there’s something different happening and it’s really the competition in the ring.

Because one of the things that I think we have set ourselves apart on is that we let our wrestlers, our athletes, that we consider the gifted athletes.

We’re not sports entertainment, we’re an entertaining sport and I think watching them tell the story, watching their design of how that match is going to take place, if you’re a wrestling fan, it may not be like hitting you on the head with the like a pan. But if you’re a wrestling fan, you’re going to say something’s different here and it’s going to be very hard to put your finger on what that difference is. But you’re going to be pleased with it and you’re going to say, I like that. Then you might start watching more of the matches.”

Koff continued on, running down the Best in the World card and highlighting several matches that he believes fans will be highly impressed by if they check out the show. In particular, Koff named Ring of Honor Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham describing him as a ‘master of technique’.

“I mean, what you see guys like Mike Bennett and Jonathan Gresham in the pure championship, these are two gifted athletes and Jonathan Gresham is a master of technique and Mike Bennett is really capable and able to match that level. When you see our World Championship between Bandido vs Rush, I mean, you could be seeing two international superstars battling it out for a very coveted title.

Then when you start seeing some of Dragon Lee vs, Tony Depen, and then you have the six men with Dalton Castle and Dak Draper. I mean, these are terrific young talent. You’re watching the current, you’re watching the future and you’re watching amazing, amazing wrestling and that’s what the fans expect.”

The current Ring of Honor COO concluded his thoughts on the show, stating that he believes fans will be hearing the names on Sunday’s card for years to come beyond ROH and Best in the World.

“So come in with an open mind if you’re not familiar with it and just know that the stars that you’re watching wrestle on Sunday night or whenever you choose to watch it are going to be names that you’re going to be hearing about in wrestling that’s way past Sunday nights and the broadcast and so come try it, enjoy it and let me know how you feel about it.”

Jonathan Gresham is set to defend his Ring of Honor Pure Championship against Mike Bennett in a Pure Rules match at Ring of Honor’s Best in the World PPV event. This will signal the first time the Pure Championship has been defended in front of a crowd since Brian Danielson defeated Nigel McGuinness back in Ring of Honor’s 2006 title unification match in Liverpool, England.

This will also signal the first time the Pure Championship has been defended in front of a US crowd since August 2008 when Nigel McGuinness successfully defended the championship against Delirious.

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