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Rikishi Names His Mount Rushmore Of Wrestling


WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi has named the men he would immortalise in a Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling, including two names people might not expect.

During a recent appearance on Bally Sports, Rikishi was asked to name his Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling. The multi-time Tag Team Champion listed two of the names people have come to expect from wrestlers answering this question, but also another pair who are not often given the honour.

“I definitely have the ‘High Chief’ Peter Maivia up there. I see The Undertaker up there. I see my uncle Afa Sika up there and Ric Flair. And the reason why is that there’s a lot of other wrestlers that deserve to be there, but when you look at those that I picked there they all have a special unique way of leaving a legacy to be able to teach the younger generation coming up.

Rikishi went on to explain that the men he named can teach the younger generation about qualities including expertise and talent, but also culture and faith.

“They have the access of the younger generation to google and to do their homework on each of these gentlemen, icons, WWE Hall of Famers to be able to learn a thing or two from each person that I just named. And you talk about strength, you talk about expertise, you talk about talent, you talk about culture, you talk about faith… all in one on that Mount Rushmore with those guys that I just mentioned.”

Rikishi is best known for his lengthy run in WWE where he wrestled first as one half of The Headshrinkers alongside Samu and then for a brief period as The Sultan. However, he had his hottest run during the Attitude Era after he began donning sunglasses and dancing in the ring when he allied himself with Too Cool – Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexay. It was during this period that he won his only singles title in WWE, the Intercontinental Championship.

Rikishi was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2015.