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Rikishi Explains The Origins Of The Stink Face

Rikishi Stink Face

Rikishi has discussed the origins of the most famous move in his wrestling arsenal, the Stink Face, and how it was a member of the WWE crowd that helped create it.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on the Insight podcast, Rikishi was discussing his WWE Hall of Fame career when the subject of the unusual move came up.

Rikishi revealed that it was all down to the crowd, and one woman in particular:

“I’m still trying to find this lady from Alabama. I wrestled Boss Man on a house show with the thong gimmick. When you clothesline someone [to set up for the stink face] Boss Man fell down in position. There’s 20,000 people in the arena and all I heard was “Rikishi! Turn around and stick your butt in his face!” This is where that slow look comes from. I’m looking slowly at the front row trying to figure out who is saying that. As I turn around and I see Boss Man in the corner.”

“When I make that first step, the pop is loud. When I take the next step, it’s even louder. By the time I got to him and turned around, it was a pop I’ve never heard before. Keep in mind we have never done this. Boss Man then says “Alright baby, come on and stick that booty in my face, we’ve got ’em now! Bring it on baby!” He took that stink face like a champ. The next day was Monday Night Raw, and that was when we introduced the stink face on TV.”

The match in question between the pair took place on the 5th of February 2000 at a house show in Mobile, Alabama. Rikishi has made the most of his posterior and has used the move on everyone from Kurt Angle to Stephanie McMahon.

Credit: Insight With Chris Van Vliet