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Rigging Crew Reportedly Brushed Off AEW Revolution Ending

Kenny Omega Jon Moxley AEW Revolution

Following on from reports that Kenny Omega was “furious” with the ending to the Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch at AEW Revolution, new details have emerged about the alleged reaction of the crew who were responsible for setting up the ring for the bout.

The much-anticipated match saw the ‘Best Bout Machine’ retain the AEW World Championship by dropping challenger Jon Moxley through a chair with the One-Winged Angel after a 25-minute war among the barbed wire and explosions around the ring. The finale of the show was to see Moxley’s friend-turned-rival Eddie Kingston shield him from the expected grand finale of the ring exploding at the 30-minute mark.

According to a report by Fightful, the third-party rigging crew were “not very apologetic” about the way the match actually ended, with the final ‘explosion’ of the ring amounting to little more than an underwhelming pyrotechnics display.

“We’re told that the third party rigging crew responsible brushed the situation off and were not very apologetic about the way that things happened, leading to pretty significant heat on them.”

The failure of the explosion to live up to the hype meant that, on the post-Revolution Dynamite, Kingston had to explain why he appeared to be suffering from the after-effects of an explosion that never came following the match, something he put down to a panic attack.

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