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Riddle Wants Bobby Lashley In Fight Pit, Damian Priest Suggests Punjabi Prison

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Former NXT Tag Team Champion, Riddle, has stated that he wants to battle Bobby Lashley inside NXT’s famous Fight Pit.

On the January 25 edition of Monday Night Raw, WWE’s ‘Original Bro’ survived a Gauntlet Match consisting of Hurt Business members in order to secure a future WWE United States Championship Match against the current dominator.

However, on January 27, following the brutal Fight Pit Match between Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa, Riddle took to social media to ask Triple H if he could borrow the concept to take Bobby Lashley to hell.

Using his Twitter account, one half of The Hardy Bros wrote:

“Hey @tripleH, who do I have to call so I can beat up @fightbobby in the #FightPit for the #USTitle?”

Riddle has history in the match, having lost to Timothy Thatcher in the inaugural bout on the May 27, 2020, edition of the black and gold brand.

However, Riddle’s former NXT running mate Damian Priest had other ideas for the pair to do battle, tweeting out his idea for the two stallions to lock horns in a Punjabi Prison Match:

“That’s a #WWENXT exclusive bruh. You can fight inside the Punjabi Prison.”

Though Priest’s suggestion was a jibe, the last time we saw the construction on WWE pay-per-view was at WWE Battleground 2017 on July 23 when then WWE Champion Jinder Mahal retained his gold against Randy Orton.