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Riddle Reveals His Parents’ Reaction To Storyline Stepdad Promos


RAW Tag Team Champion Riddle has revealed he had to answer to his parents after talking about the stepdad that supposedly walked out on him on TV.

Riddle has ground Randy Orton down over several months to be his friend and tag team partner. Despite a setback when a frustrated Orton dropped Riddle with an RKO, the two men have found themselves back on the same page and were able to overcome the mighty duo of AJ Styles and Omos at SummerSlam to win the RAW Tag Team Title.

Over the past few weeks since Orton’s return to television after a hiatus that lasted several weeks, Riddle likened Orton’s comeback to the one his long-lost stepdad never made all those years ago.

There is one small issue in Riddle’s story, however – there was no stepdad and as he explained with his tongue firmly in his cheek on an appearance on Friday Night Pints, The Original Bro had some explaining to do when his parents heard what he said:

“When it comes to dialogue, it’s more on (the company). We also have some input, sometimes, and sometimes we don’t. It depends on who wants you to say it. The other day, I had to talk about my stepdad who left me 25 years ago when he went to get milk and just got lost and never came back. I was like, ‘But Randy, you came back.’ My mom and dad called me and were like, ‘Yo, who the hell is this stepdad?’ Well…you know [laughs]. They wanted the stepdad thing in there.”

RK-Bro attempted to have a lavish celebration on RAW after their title victory but this was cut short by the defeated Styles and Omos. This led to a match between Riddle and AJ Styles with Riddle able to pick up the victory after Orton distracted The Phenomenal One by attacking Omos with a scooter.

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription