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Riddle On Heat With Seth Rollins And Subsequent Apology

Riddle has spoken on the source of his backstage heat with Seth Rollins and how we apologised at last year’s Survivor Series.

Speaking with TalkSport, ‘The Original Bro’ discussed the origins of his friction with Rollins:

I’ll be honest, I’ve met Seth multiple times and he’s met me and I don’t think we’ll ever be best friends [laughs]. I don’t think we like one another, we’re just two different people. [Although] we both love wrestling.

I know my significant other said something about Becky that they didn’t like and I also did not like or agree with. Seth didn’t like me after that and I don’t think Becky liked me or my wife either, which is understandable. It is what it is.

Riddle appears to be referring to a since-deleted Instagram post from his wife Lisa, in which she suggested that a number of the main roster women’s wrestlers were ‘straight, skinny, jiggly fat’ and used a picture of Rollins’ partner Becky Lynch to accompany her diatribe.

The two wrestlers were later featured in the same match at Survivor Series 2020 and although they did not share any ring time, Riddle did take the opportunity to apologise backstage:

After Survivor Series, because he was there I got to talk to him and I said ‘Hey’ and a camera came up to us to film it and I said ‘No, don’t come over here, don’t film this. It’s between me and him.’

We talked. I told him – and this is exactly what I said – I said ‘Hey man, what was said, I don’t agree with it. I thought it was bullcrap. It’s not cool. I just want you to know I apologise, I apologise on her behalf as well.

On top of that I think you’re a great performer and if you would ever have it in your heart to work with me, I would love that.’

Riddle went on to note that Rollins had been receptive to his apology and although the two had made amends, he did not anticipate forming a full blown friendship with the former Shield member.

With thanks to TalkSport for the transcript. Click here to read the full interview.