“Riddle Is An Idiot” – Jerry Lawler


Despite WWE’s favourable booking of him, Jerry Lawler has blasted Riddle on official WWE programming, branding him an “idiot”.

‘The King’ – who appeared to be speaking in character, despite the scathing remarks – discussed the former United States Champion on last week’s Raw Talk.

Appearing via satellite, Jerry Lawler criticised ‘The Original Bro’, accusing him of riding the coattails of injured tag team partner Randy Orton:

“Let’s face it. Riddle is an idiot. He really is! You know, most people live and learn. Riddle? He just lives. I mean, how long has he been around? He has been riding Randy Orton’s coattails up till now. Now Randy Orton’s gone, and Riddle’s gonna find out what it’s like to try to make it on his own.”

Last week’s Monday Night Raw saw the former UFC fighter appear as a guest on the KO Show, which was a trap to allow for a Seth Rollins ambush. Addressing this, the 2007 WWE Hall of Fame inductee noted that Riddle fell “hook, line, and sinker” for the attack:

“He doesn’t have any brains. I mean, how dumb was that? That had to be the most outlandish setup, and Riddle fell hook, line, and sinker for it.”

The former EVOLVE Champion signed with WWE in the summer of 2018, enjoying two years in NXT before transitioning to the main roster. He first won the NXT Tag Team Championships, with the United States Championship and the Raw Tag Team Championships both following suit in 2021.

He’s currently scheduled to face Seth Rollins at SummerSlam on Saturday, 30 July, a match that Jerry Lawler can’t wait to see him lose:

“It’ll be the same thing โ€” he’ll be reeled in at SummerSlam right there in Nashville. I can’t wait to see how bad Riddle not only gets beat but how bad he gets embarrassed!”

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