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Riddle – “I Think Parker Boudreaux Is Gonna Be The Next Big Thing”

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‘The Original Bro’ Riddle has cited his belief that WWE’s latest recruit Parker Boudreaux is ‘The Next Big Thing’ in professional wrestling.

On February 14, 2021, Triple H revealed on the NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day post-show media call that both Boudreaux and Bronson Rechsteiner were coming in the door among other new recruits who were set to change the face of NXT’s future. The confirmation that Boudreaux was incoming came following weeks of speculation about his arrival.

Apart from sharing a striking similarity with Brock Lesnar, Boudreaux also shares the star’s original ‘Next Big Thing’ nickname with fans hoping that the talent possesses the same knack for professional wrestling as a 2002 Lesnar did.

In a clear shot at Brock Lesnar, who Riddle has been verbally feuding with for the last few years, the laid back star has spoken to ViBe & Wrestling about the fresh Boudreaux being WWE’s breakout star:

“Parker seems like a young kid, he’s hungry, he wants to sink his teeth into this. You know, he’s making all the right moves in the sense [that] he’s presenting himself to the world properly. Like I said, he seems hungry, he seems like he’s trying to learn as fast as he can so he can be part of the show as fast as he can.

I’ll tell you this, if you’re hungry and you can bring something different to the table, you’re gonna be somebody in this sport, and I think he brings all that. So you never know, only time will tell. But right now I think that Parker guy, that Boudreaux guy, I don’t know if that’s the name he’s going to stick with or whatever…but the guy looks phenomenal, he has a presence, and only time will tell. I think he’s gonna be the next big thing.”

The war of words between Riddle and Brock Lesnar came to boiling point during the 2020 Royal Rumble when the latter approached his colleague backstage and told him in no uncertain words to stop mentioning his name. According to Brock Lesnar, Riddle’s efforts to rile him into some type of contest were futile as he he would never work with him.

At WWE Elimination Chamber on February 21, Riddle defeated Bobby Lashley and John Morrison to capture the WWE United States Championship.

Credit for the interview: ViBe & Wrestling

h/t for the transcription: WrestleZone