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Riddle – “I Don’t Think Brock Lesnar Will Ever Wrestle Me”


Former UFC star Riddle is currently in the midst of the best run of his WWE career, but he thinks that it still might not be enough to land a match with Brock Lesnar.

Riddle enjoyed success as a tag team specialist in NXT winning the Tag Team Championships and the Dusty Rhodes Classic, but he’s hit new heights in 2021. The former MMA star held the United States Championship in the early part of the year, but it’s his unlikely team with Randy Orton that has taken him to the next level.

While Randy Orton hasn’t always been as enthusiastic as his partner, RK-Bro won the RAW Tag Team Titles at SummerSlam from AJ Styles and Omos.

Speaking in a new interview with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport, Riddle reflected on his WWE career to date, including crossing words with Brock Lesnar at the 2019 Royal Rumble. Riddle also admitted that he can rub people the wrong way before touching on his UFC departure.

During the interview, the former United States Champion was asked about potentially facing Lesnar in the ring.

“I’m not sure. We had our thing, our back and forth backstage at the Royal Rumble I think about 2 years ago at this point. [laughs] He did not like me. But I feel ever since I was a kid that people either hated me or loved me. I think I rubbed him the wrong way just like I rubbed Bill [Goldberg] the wrong way. I’m in the business of making money. Just like when I went from the UFC, I was fired because I wasn’t putting them asses in seats. I needed to put butts in seats. If i would have, I saw people in the same or worse positions that I was in, and they didn’t lose their jobs, I did. So I made a point to make myself valuable and I felt like at that point when I talked to Brock I wasn’t valuable enough to him.”

“Same thing with Goldberg, when I was talking some trash I wasn’t valuable. But now they are starting to see my stock rise like I said it would as long as I put the work in. Maybe not now, but I’m hoping we can. Last time I talked to Brock it did not look good, it did not look promising. I don’t think he will ever wrestle me. But I think as long as I keep working, I keep grinding and upping my value and upping my stock, eventually it’s going to be the right choice for them. That’s my goal, to keep that in-ring work hard hitting, intense. And then on that microphone and on that camera, be as entertaining to that mass audience as possible.”

Brock Lesnar recently returned to WWE at SummerSlam sporting a new look. Appearing on WWE’s The Bump, Riddle said that while he was a big fan of Lesnar’s work, he’s not so much of a big fan of his new man bun.

The Beast had been absent from WWE since WrestleMania 36 before returning to stare down Roman Reigns. Upon heading back to WWE, Lesnar reportedly out pen to paper on a new contract which runs into 2023 and will see him feature in 8-12 matches.

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