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Ricochet Praises The Miz For His Hall Of Fame WWE Career

Ricochet throws The Miz over the top rope

New Intercontinental Champion Ricochet has heaped praise on former champion The Miz.

In recent years The Miz has been regularly brought up by fans and fellow Superstars alike, as one of the most underrated performers in the wrestling industry today.

After all, he has a resume that includes two WWE Title wins, eight Intercontinental Title reigns, eight Tag Team Title reigns, two United States Title victories and a Money in the Bank win. Despite this, the Raw Superstar is often overlooked when it comes to many ‘best of’ lists.

However, the A-Lister also has his supporters. Posting on social media, Ricochet called for the star to be given more respect, commenting that he’s had a WWE Hall of Fame worthy career.

At WrestleMania 38, The Miz will step into the ring for another high-profile bout. Having previously appeared in the main event and competed against Bad Bunny last year, the former World Champion will team with Logan Paul to take on the Mysterios at the upcoming spectacular.

Meanwhile on SmackDown, Ricochet is enjoying one of the more impressive runs of his main roster WWE career.

On the March 4th episode of SmackDown, the high-flyer defeated Sami Zayn to win the Intercontinental Championship for the first time. The two men went hell for leather, with Ricochet being on the receiving end of an Exploder Suplex on the apron and nasty looking Powerbomb. Despite this, the former United States Champion fought back regaining the upper hand.

However, the bout was interrupted by Johnny Knoxville who came to ringside, distracting Zayn, allowing Ricochet to wrap him up into a pin and score the victory.

In recent days it has been reported that the new Intercontinental Champion is in line for a push on SmackDown, as he is seen as the number two babyface on the show. The high-flyer is reportedly behind only former World Champion Drew McIntyre in the pecking order.