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Ricochet Says He’ll Never Join RETRIBUTION

Ricochet & Retribution

One of the features of RAW in recent weeks has been the continued attempts of Mustafa Ali to get Ricochet to join RETRIBUTION.

On the latest episode of RAW Ricochet faced off against Ali in an excellent contest. Ali eventually picked up the win after blocking a Shooting Star Press and locking in the Koji Clutch forcing Ricochet to submit. After the match Ricochet once again resisted attempts by Ali to get him to join the group.

In a WWE Network exclusive backstage interview after the match, Ricochet declared that he would never join RETRIBUTION. While defiantly resisting Ali’s advances, the former United States Champion is far from happy.

When asked if he believed that Ali and RETRIBUTION had finally got the message, Ricochet was in prickly mood.

“I hate to disagree with you, but i have too. I don’t think that i got the last anything, because at the end of the day i lost. You see when i gave Mustafa Ali the Recoil it was because i found a spot, and i took it, to get out without getting beaten anymore. But before that, yes, i made it clear that i do not want to join RETRIBUTION.”

The high flyer then went on to say that as long as Ali and RETRIBUTION keep asking he’ll keep saying no, before taking another jab at the group’s leader declaring that;

“Just because Ali wasn’t strong enough to hold on to his convictions, doesn’t get that he gets to force me to lose mine.”

Both RETRIBUTION and Ricochet are searching for a spark to propel themselves up the card, and maybe a union between the two would do just that. However, while Ricochet has moved to prevent that from happening, he is still promising change, commenting that “This is just the start, we’ll see where it goes.”