Ricochet Reacts To Eddie Guerrero Comparisons


This week, on WWE RAW, Ricochet pulled a move straight out of the legendary Eddie Guerrero’s bag of tricks when competing with Cedric Alexander.

The match would have high stakes with Ricochet challenging The Hurt Business to a match with a Ricochet win meaning the dominant faction would no longer be able to target him. Meanwhile, a loss would see the former United States Champion join the Hurt Business.

With the referee distracted, a chair would find its way into the ring with the apparent intention of helping Alexander. Ricochet would intercept the weapon, but rather than use it for brutality, would set up Alexander by hitting the mat with the chair, throwing it to Alexander, and falling to the mat – very dramatically.

The excellence of Ricochet’s execution of the move would see several people compare it to that of the late Eddie Guerrero, and now Ricochet has reacted to that praise.

Meanwhile, ITRWrestling recently spoke with Shaul Guerrero, the daughter of Eddie Guerrero, about the tributes WWE Superstars have paid to her late father, and what she thinks about them. Shaul Guerrero also told us of her plans to take the independent scene by storm. You can read that full interview here.