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Ricochet Says He Was “Half Blind” During Intercontinental Title Win

Ricochet & Sami Zayn

New Intercontinental Champion Ricochet has claimed that he was “half blind” whne he won the title from Sami Zayn.

On the February 4th episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Ricochet won the Intercontinental Championship for the first time in his career.

Ricochet was handed the opportunity by Adam Pearce the week before, as former champion Sami Zayn continued to have issues with Johnny Knoxville. When the high-flyer and Zayn met in the ring, the two men went all out in search of victory.

However, the bout was interrupted by Johnny Knoxville who came to ringside, distracting Zayn, allowing Ricochet to wrap him up into a pin and score the victory.

Posting on social media in the days after the event, the new champion revealed that he was actually “half blind” during the match. While responding to a fan who commented on the Superstar wearing contact lenses, the former NXT star said that one of his contacts had come out early on in the match.

“Speaking of contacts. My right contact came out really early in last nights battle. So I had was half blind for 3/4 of it.”

Following his victory it was revealed that Ricochet had made history when he pinned Zayn. The win meant that the high-octane star became the first man to win the Intercontinental, NXT North American and United States titles.

In the wake of the defeat, an irate Sami Zayn took his frustrations out on a cameraman backstage. During the rant that followed the former NXT star took aim at the thorn in his side, Johnny Knoxville. Zayn said that as Knoxville wants to follow him so badly, he can follow him all the way to Dallas and WrestleMania 38.

The match between the pair was confirmed later in the show.