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Ricky Starks Reveals He Still Asks Cody Rhodes For Advice

Ricky Starks & Cody Rhodes

Ricky Starks has revealed that he still seeks out Cody Rhodes for advice even though the American Nightmare has crossed wrestling’s great divide and headed to WWE.

FTW Champion Ricky Starks made his AEW debut back in June 2020 where he became the latest star to answer Cody Rhodes’ TNT Title open challenge.

Although he predictably ended the night looking up at the lights, after an impressive showing, Starks was signed by AEW in the immediate aftermath of the bout. He went on to develop a friendship with Rhodes, even appearing in the Rhodes to the Top reality TV series.

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Starks said that Rhodes is still someone he asks for advice, despite him now performing in WWE.

“It’s gonna be Cody. I have people I’m able to go to,”

When host Bully Ray suggested that Starks “used to” ask Rhodes for advice, he explained that it is still the case, before singing the praises of producer Sonjay Dutt.

“It still is Cody. There is nothing wrong with saying that. I don’t really have that type of relationship back there (in AEW). There are people I can talk to, for sure, but it’s not in terms of taking me under their wing. Sting is a person I talk to with stuff outside of wrestling. Sonjay (Dutt) is a producer I talk to and I like Sonjay a lot because he understands me and that’s all I’ve asked for from people, is to understand me as a person, and he does.

Jericho, I’ve talked to to get advice, but there isn’t anyone I go to and sit there and pick their brains because I don’t feel like I have that relationship just yet. It’s not because of me, it’s just how it is there back there and that’s cool with me.”

Expanding on his relationship with Dutt, Starks detailed how the pair operate on a similar creative wavelength which gets the best of him in the ring.

“What I say about understanding is he understands my style of my matches. I don’t really think of wrestling that most guys think of it. That’s not to be ‘I’m such a mysterious or difficult guy,’ I’m very easy to get along, but I think people look at me and put me in a box immediately. I do not fit in a box of wrestling.

A lot of people look at me and go, ‘this guy is a high-flier,’ style-wise, that type of box. Then they try to put me in a box with my type of character. There is no character. This is who I am and how I operate and I know it works. Sonjay gets that. We are on the same page when it comes to that type of dynamite.

This isn’t me saying ‘people don’t get me back there,’ it’s more of an artistic and creative understanding and Sonjay is always on point and knows how to get the most. Trying to articulate my ideas is sometimes a hard part for me because my brain is so scattered. Sonjay can look at, organize it, and go, ‘here’s how we can do it.’ That’s why I like Sonjay. He’s the man when it comes to that.”

Ricky Starks will be back in action at AEW Double or Nothing where he will team with Powerhouse Hobbs in an effort to win the AEW World Tag Team Titles. The Team Taz representatives will be facing champions Jurassic Express as well as Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.