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Ricky Starks Explains How Signing With AEW Came To Be

Ricky Starks

‘Absolute’ Ricky Starks has discussed his signing with All Elite Wrestling saying he visualised his first match in the company before even hearing from them.

Starks debuted for AEW in June 2020 answering Cody Rhodes’ open challenge for his TNT Championship. In conversation with Renee Paquette on her Oral Sessions podcast, Starks explained that once he learned of the open challenge, he could literally see himself taking on Rhodes.

Starks explained:

“No, here’s the weird thing, Cody did a promo Wednesday night about how he was going to have an open challenge, then on Twitter, he said this was open to everybody. Literally Thursday, I was at the gym and I had this vision of me walking out, cutting this promo on him, doing this match, etc. I had the same vision again on Friday. On Sunday, I got a text from someone at AEW asking if I wanted to have this match, I was like, ‘Hell yeah.'”

Prior to this Starks had been signed with the rebooted NWA promotion. Starks became the first man to hold the new version of the NWA World Television Championship when he defeated Trevor Murdoch in a tournament final.

For Starks though, the NWA wasn’t in his future plans:

“At this point, I didn’t re-sign with NWA. The way they were going, I didn’t want to be a part of it and it didn’t really fit with what I had in my mind. Keep in mind, at this point when I got the text from AEW, I never reached out to them to try to get on. I stopped by in Austin when they came for a show just to see my friends, I wasn’t trying to get a job or anything. I wanted to do it on my own merit, that’s how my whole career has been, I’ve done everything myself and I like that.”

Ricky Starks then spoke about how he managed to get a promo package together so quickly to be shown prior to his entrance on his Dynamite debut:

“I got that text, got the ticket, flew in on a Tuesday, we filmed something early that Wednesday that was going to be used for B-Roll stuff. As we’re doing the promo, an interview essentially, the guy, Dylan, said, ‘Dude, this is so good’, and he chopped it up and made a quick promo package that he showed Tony [Khan]. Tony’s like, ‘Oh yeah, let’s put it up there’, otherwise I wasn’t going to have a promo before I came out. When I tell you, I got the promo, I saw my entrance, and the theme song, I’d never experienced that before, ever.”

While Starks then thought he’d have to wait until post-pandemic life to sign on the dotted line, Tony Khan and AEW had different ideas:

“The match was great, I loved it, and I went home that day thinking, ‘Ok, so now I can raise my price on the indies, and eventually once the pandemic’s over AEW will see this guy’s pretty popular, let’s reach out to him. It didn’t go that way in the end, which is great, but so weird to think about that, I essentially manifested it all the way through.”

Ricky Starks also discussed his time working as an extra for WWE where he got up close and personal with a few WWE Superstars.

Credit: Oral Sessions

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