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Ricky Starks Discusses His Time Working As An Extra For WWE

Ricky Starks

Ricky Starks has reminisced about his time working as an extra for WWE where he came up against some of the company’s top stars.

Speaking to Renee Paquette on her Oral Sessions podcast, the current Team Taz member recalled working as an enhancement talent on television for WWE. During his time as an extra, he faced off former WWE Champions Jinder Mahal and Kane as well as working with current colleagues FTR.

First, Starks discussed coming up against Ryback:

“So that took place in Laredo at the Energy Center. I got slapped in the face three times, he never told me he was gonna slap me so when you see me like bent up, that’s me being legit. Initially, I was trying to cry and Michael Hayes came up to me and said ‘you ain’t gonna cry like that in a real fight would ya’?’ I said ‘no, no, you’re right.’ But I really enjoyed it, they paid for my shirt that he ripped up. I remember walking to the back and The Miz and CM Punk were like ‘good job on that whole segment’ and that was the end of it.”

Starks then outlined his experience working as an extra for the company:

“When I was brand new into the business and getting the call I was like ‘oh this is how I get hired.’ It’s a great feeling, you go there and honestly that’s how I learned the most. On Raw days I sat up on the bleachers in the crowd with [William] Regal while they’re testing the music. He would tell me these stories and I’d be asking questions. I’m a very observant person so sometimes I sit back and I just watch everything. It was great, it was an awesome time but I think for me at a certain point I got tired of it. I felt like there was a ceiling that I just kept hitting every time I came. It’s like if y’all didn’t care for me after the seventeenth time how is this thirtieth time gonna be any different?”

Ricky Starks continued:

“The whole setup to it, every time I went I was still in awe and I can’t explain to you why. I’ve seen it a million times but so many people run about even just to change out the mats or during commercials too, it’s insane. It’s a very crazy setting to watch when you walk into that arena and see the normal lighting or things like that, the stage, and whatnot. It was fun.”

Credit: Oral Sessions

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