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Ricky Morton Says The Young Bucks Are The “Perfect” Team For This Era

The Young Bucks

WWE Hall of Famer Ricky Morton of the Rock ‘N’ Roll Express has named some of his favourite tag teams of the modern era.

Morton alongside Robert Gibson formed The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express who were the much-beloved tag team of the NWA in the eighties. Their legendary feuds with The Midnight Express and The Four Horsemen did huge business for Jim Crockett Promotions with the Express headlining shows across the United States.

In conversation with fellow wrestling legends Gerald Brisco and JBL on their ‘Stories With Brisco and Bradshaw’ show, Morton named some teams that are favourites of his in the new generation.

Ricky Morton stated:

“You have to go with the flow, the Hardy Boyz – phenomenal, the Young Bucks – I don’t know if you’ve met those guys, [they’re a] high-spot team but for this day and age, they’re perfect to be in it. I got FTR, I like those guys, they copied the style of the Andersons, and it’s cool to watch them because they can put a match together pretty good.”

JBL then interjected and asked Morton about his favourite teams of all time. Morton then couldn’t help but poke fun at Brisco’s expense:

“Oh, we’re talking about all-time? The three I just mentioned suck [laughs]. Nah man, you had your Briscos, Gerry and Jack were in different territories from me all the time.”

Gerry and Jack Brisco held the NWA World Tag Team Championships three times throughout their career. The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express so pip them in that regard as Ricky and Robert held iterations of the titles on five different occasions.

As recently as October 2019 The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express won the relaunched titles for the fifth time. They held the titles for nearly four months before losing them to James Storm and Eli Drake.

The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express has appeared on a few occasions on AEW television. They were attacked by FTR as part of Wheeler and Harwood’s villainous turn on Dynamite in August 2020.

Credit: Stories With Brisco and Bradshaw

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