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Rick Steiner Son Undergoes WWE Tryout

Rick Steiner Thumb

Bronson Rechsteiner, the son of wrestling legend, Rick Steiner and nephew of Scott Steiner, has attended a recent WWE tryout.

Standing at six-feet tall and weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds, Bronson is prime WWE material and at only twenty three years old could be a huge coup for the company if his skills are up to scratch.

A former NFL player, Rechsteiner was a mainstay for the Baltimore Ravens but the team waived the undrafted rookie this year and he decided to pursue a career in professional wrestling instead after previously telling Sports Illustrated that it was an avenue he would be interested in:

“I’m open to it. But I know wrestling will always be there for me. It’s always been my dream to carry the family’s legacy in professional sports, and I’m staying focused on taking football as far as I can.”

Putting his NFL career behind him, the son of ‘The Dog Faced Gremlin’ stepped into the squared circle in October at AWF/WOW WrestleJam 8 against Jamie Hall and defeated him with his uncle’s Steiner Recliner. Scott was present at ringside.

Currently, it is unknown how Rechsteiner performed during his WWE tryout. However, considering that he descends from wrestling royalty, it is likely WWE will find a spot for him even if it means he’s placed in developmental for several more years in order to hone his skills.