Rick Steiner Celebrates With Son Bron Breakker After NXT Championship Win [Video]

Bron Breakker

Former WWF Tag Team Champion Rick Steiner was in attendance to watch his son Bron Breakker win the NXT Championship and celebrated with him after the match.

NXT New Year’s Evil saw Bron Breakker defeat Tommaso Ciampa in the main event to capture his first NXT Championship in a hard-hitting match that saw Ciampa ultimately tap out to the Steiner Recliner.

Bron Breakker is the son of former WWF and WCW Tag Team Champion Rick Steiner, who carved out his own legacy in wrestling alongside his brother Scott as the Steiner Brothers. Rick Steiner could be seen in the crowd cheering on his son during the match and made his way into the ring to celebrate once the show went off the air.

Though the celebration was not part of the television broadcast, footage of the heartwarming scene is available on social media.

Since it’s obvious that Bron Breakker doesn’t shy away from his family lineage as he uses moves like the Frankensteiner and Steiner Recliner, many people have wondered why he doesn’t use the family surname when he performs. During an interview with Graham GSM Matthews of Daily DDT, the second generation star revealed that that while he wants to build on the Steiner legacy, he also wants to make a name for himself.

“What my dad and uncle did before me with some of their promos and stuff that they’ve done, they’ve laid all this groundwork,” Breakker said. “There’s all this stuff out there for me to use if I want to.

Obviously, I’m not going to bank my entire… that’s not what I’m going for. I want to make a name for myself and stand on my own, but there’s certain things out there we can use.”

The WarGames victor also detailed how he actually came up with the name Bron Breakker himself instead of having it given to him by WWE.

“We were just sitting around one day and I’m like, ‘Well, when I used to block people in football, I used to try to break them in half. That was literally what I tried to do: snap them in half and break them. What if I’m the breaker? I break people, Breakker, and then it came to me. Bron is part of my first name and that’s what we went with.”

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