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Rick Rude’s 24 Year Record Broken On Monday Night

Rick Rude

A 24-year-old record held by the legendary Rick Rude was quietly broken this past Monday night.

For over two decades, Rude had been the only wrestler to ever appear for rival companies on the same night, appearing on a live WCW Nitro prior to a pre-taped Monday Night RAW later in the evening of November 17th, 1997.

Rude caused mass confusion as he initially hit the airwaves sporting a moustache and trashing the WWF in a scathing promo around the Montreal Screw Job, before popping up on RAW an hour later with a full beard.

At the height of the Monday Night Wars, this was chalked up as a big ‘win’ for Eric Bischoff’s team.

However, 24 years later, this feat has now been repeated by relative newcomer, Kelsey Heather.

The Florida native appeared for All Elite Wrestling’s Dark Elevation show, in a losing effort to ‘Legit’ Leyla Hirsch, before appearing on Monday Night RAW in a segment with Bobby Lashley and MVP.

Though not necessarily of the same impact, Heather now joins the illustrious company of the WWE Hall of Famer as one of the few to ever pull this off.

Heather has shared the ring with the likes of Avery Taylor, and Masha Slamovich with the latter taking on Allysin Kay at GCW Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 6 back in April of 2021.

The Florida native was trained at the WWN Pro Wrestling Training Center as well as at recently released WWE Superstar Tyler Breeze and AEW’s Shawn Spears’ training school Flatbacks, Heather also attended a WWE tryout back in 2018.

Eric Bischoff recently recalled a conversation with Rick Rude immediately following the infamous Montreal Screwjob during the call Rude would ask Bischoff if there was a place for him in the rising WCW.

Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff recalled the conversation with Rude:

“No, no, that was Rick Rude calling me 15 minutes after Montreal went down. That Sunday night, I’m sitting in my house, with my wife and my kids… That was Rick. Rick called me. The phone was right next to the couch where I was sitting and Rick called me and he said ‘Man are you seeing this?’ I said ‘No.’ And he started explaining it to me, and he said ‘Man is there room for me there?’ ‘Oh absolutely.’ By that point I was pretty good friends with Rick, I said ‘If you’re free there’s room for you brother, come on down’, and he was there the next day.”

While Rude had returned to the then WWF in August 1997, he wasn’t signed to a long-term contract. This enabled him to leave the company immediately in the aftermath of Survivor Series.

Earlier on in his career, Rude had appeared for Jim Crockett Promotions which would become WCW, and WCW itself, with a run in the WWF sandwiched in-between.

Rude’s 1997 return to WCW has gone down in history, as on 17th November, he appeared on both WCW Nitro and Monday Night Raw at the same time. The former Intercontinental Champion appeared live on Nitro, cutting a promo attacking his previous employers, while later in the same evening he appeared on RAW, which had been taped a handful of days previously.

Rick Rude stayed with WCW until April 1999. He sadly passed away just a couple of weeks after leaving the company on April 20th, Rude was just 40 years old.

“Ravishing” Rick Rude was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017.