Rick Rude Was Once Arrested For Stealing Cling Film To Use As A Condom

Rick Rude

“Ravishing” Rick Rude once landed himself in the custody of police.

Recently on his “DDP Snake Pit” podcast, Jake “The Snake” Roberts told a story about Rick Rude getting arrested.

Just ending their program with the WWE, both Roberts and Rick Rude agreed that they wouldn’t be in contact with other unless it was an emergency, doing it out of respect. At 4:00 AM one morning, Roberts woke up from a phone call while sleeping in his hotel room, and it would be Rude on the other end. When Roberts questioned Rude on what he wanted, Rude would give the answer, “Brother, do you have any condoms?”

This would cause Roberts to swear out Rude, stating, “Don’t you ever call me again to wake me up looking for condoms,” and then proceed to hang up the phone.

Roberts got off the elevator the next morning and would see Rude in handcuffs near the front desk. Confused, Roberts just went off to wait for his airport shuffle, not being allowed to talk to Rude anyways. Roberts then asked the shuttle driver when it arrived if he could wait a bit, saying he “wanted to see what happens to his buddy.”

The driver knew Rude right off of the bat, labeling him a “weird cat.” When Roberts asked him why, the driver said, “The only thing he stole is a large roll of saran wrap.”

Out of words from the shock of the story, Roberts looked over at Rude and screamed out, “Rick! Saran wrap?” Rude responded, “Wrap my d***.” Roberts then said he bowed to Rude, stating “I’m not worthy of your presence mighty Rick.”

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